• Proven strategies
  • Experienced staff
  • Strong service and support infrastructure
  • Leading brand manufacturers
  • A passion to help you do it right …..ALWAYS!!!


Honesty       Integrity       Solutions       Follow-up       Customer First       Ethics       Green      
Document Experts       Trusted Advisors       Problem Solvers       30% Hard $$ Savings      
Always Do The Right Thing

Many of the attributes shown above are integral to the success of Zojio. Our principles have helped build a culture within our company which puts the customer first.  Every employee is focused on the customer and ensuring that we ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING.

Our passion is to create and implement solutions which deliver compelling value. Our team is dedicated to providing benchmark support. Our products are aligned with industry leading manufacturers. Our processes are built upon the highly respected Lean Six Sigma approach to continuous improvement.

Using Lean Six Sigma principles, we help customers:

  • DEFINE the most efficient document output strategies
  • MEASURE the current state environment for Total Cost of Ownership
  • ANALYZE the impact of implemented solutions
  • IMPROVE the solution as needed
  • CONTROL the environment on an ongoing basis

What customers appreciate the most about our output solutions is how they help:

  • Measure costs associated with document output, which today are unmeasureable
  • Deliver hard cost savings of 30% or greater
  • Reduce the number of vendors from 4 to 1
    • Copier/mfd, printer, supplies, service, document management
  • Improve asset utilization
    • At least 60% of your output assets (copiers, mfds, printers) are being under utilized
  • Manage the lifecycle of output assets to minimize escalating costs
  • Reduce IT support costs for output devices
    • 40% reduction in calls to your help desk
  • Establish standards across entire output fleet to
  • Gain control of output environment
  • Improve end-user satisfaction through reliability and work process improvements
  • Implement on-going training and support strategies to maximize user productivity
  • Integrate document output strategies with document management strategies