• Proven strategies
  • Experienced staff
  • Strong service and support infrastructure
  • Leading brand manufacturers
  • A passion to help you do it right …..ALWAYS!!!


Zojio's managed services solution delivers:
  • Easy procurement of equipment, consumables and support
  • Reduction of vendors from 3 or 4 to a single source
  • Ongoing on-site training to employees to help increase  productivity and workflow
  • Reduction in the time staff spends on print-related activities
  • Minimal disruptions to work flow related to print device failures
  • Improved device utilization
  • Lifecycle management of devices to prevent obsolescence
  • Reduction of consumables inventory for emergency needs
  • Measurable and predictable cost structures
  • Improved end-user satisfaction

For decades, output strategies have been fragmented within companies. Copiers/mfd's (multi-function devices) are handled by facilities/procurement/finance, while printers typically fall into the IT space.

Who controls the procurement of the devices is a minor aspect of the strategy as it is not what is driving the majority of the cost structure for output. It is the inability of companies to establish an efficient support infrastructure for output devices which is driving the cost of output higher and higher every year.

As outlined by Gartner, Inc., output device management continues to represent one of the most labor-intensive, inefficient and overlooked opportunities for companies to reduce cost and increase productivity. The advantages of implementing an effective Managed Services solution for output device have been documented by Gartner, Inc., in their highly respected Magic Quadrant reports.

Companies inherently believe that the acquisition of the device, consumables and service are the primary drivers of cost in an output strategy.  This is not the case.  The element which drives the costs to be uncontrolled is the lack of a management strategy surrounding output devices.

Consider your company. If you are like most, you acquire:

  • Your copiers/mfd's from one vendor
  • Your printers from another
  • Your supplies from a third
  • Your break/fix service from a fourth

The result is an environment, while clearly defined for standards, is very difficult to manage for costs as these costs are spread amongst multiple devices, vendors, and departments. The impact of this managed chaos is a cost structure which is difficult to measure and therefore, control. Decisions for output devices continue to be made with "best guess or experience" vs. factual cost and usage data.

Zojio Technologies has a keen understanding of how to design and deliver a strong managed services solution with compelling control and cost impacts to the bottom line.

Our high-value hardware, software, and managed services solutions help our customers:

  • Drive cost out of IT and office infrastructure
  • Manage their output environment of printers, copiers, mfd’s, scanners and fax machines more efficiently
  • Bring total control, increased reliability, uptime, and increased user satisfaction levels to the environment
  • Drive hard costs down by over 30%.

The result is an output environment which is seamless and invisible and allows knowledge workers to improve their overall efficiency and productivity while allowing critical support staff to prioritize their more mission critical projects.

Zojio Technologies, with its portfolio of output products, supplies, services, and programs, is uniquely positioned to be your single source provider and to help manage all your output needs.