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Organization have many choices today when it comes to selecting hardware manufacturers and vendors for output asset purchases. From local dealers who provide the majority of copier and multi-function offerings, to internet resellers for your desktop printer and fax needs, the landscape is cluttered with choices. Yet 90% of organizations don’t change their approach to acquiring and supporting output devices from year to year or contract to contract.


When considering a commodity type product:

  • The cost reductions negotiated with new vendors is far less than the cost incurred in the entire evaluation to implementation processes
  • Detailed and lengthy RFP processes are not yielding disruptive gains.
  • The risk of buying the “wrong” product is low
How will Zojio be different?

We will use Lean Six Sigma methodologies to define your current state costs via our proven Document Assessment.

We will gain agreement on your current state cost structure.

We will help enlighten you to significant cost savings opportunities to your current state.

We will develop a compelling document output strategy which will encompass:

  • Copiers
  • Multifunction devices
  • Printers
  • Faxes
  • Scanners
  • Consumables
  • Service
  • Support

We will not bring you a “me too” commodity solution.

We will provide implementation and training solutions to minimize disruption.

We will, with confidence, be able to bring your hard costs for document output down by 30% or greater.

Thus, most companies continue with status quo and are resigned to accept minimal “reductions” offered in their contract renewal negotiations.

Zojio disrupts this approach to document output and compels you to consider solutions which deliver a minimal 30% cost savings in hard costs.  These solutions will contribute significantly towards cost containment priorities, while driving operational excellence for your knowledge workers

You will always have confidence in the solutions Zojio consultants bring as we only use leading edge offerings from leading edge manufacturers in the document output industry.

If you are prepared to break through the operational complacency and cost of change perceptions which are barriers to developing an integrated document output strategy, then give Zojio a chance to complete a document output assessment of your current state.

In a 45 minute meeting, our consultants will share our exclusive and proprietary approach and will enlighten you to solutions which will shape the next 25 years of document output.  The results they share will compel you to change to a Zojio designed output strategy.

Please call us at 1-877-720-0223 to schedule a meeting with one of our output consultants.