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Virtualization has now become a must vs. a consideration for most organizations in an effort to drive IT infrastructure costs down. Virtualization helps to:
  • Consolidate multiple servers and tasks onto a single device
  • Enables compelling reductions in hardware cost
  • Drive support costs down dramatically
  • Bring energy costs down significantly
  • Increase reliability and uptime of network infrastructures.

The benefits derived from virtualization can be paralleled in the document output environment.  So why are the user to device ratios of copiers, mfd’s (multifunction devices), printers, and faxes far beyond efficient levels in most companies?  Why do most companies continue to retain and proliferate output devices…..incurring increasing support, maintenance, and supply costs delivered via a multi-vendor infrastructure for their output needs?

Sustainability is the hot topic of this century.  The contributions which companies make towards enabling the sustainability of the planet have been clearly articulated.  Organizations have dedicated departments focused on sustainability efforts.  The environment has taken a front seat in the White House, the Governor’s office, the Mayor’s priorities, and is finding its way in every home.  Companies are spending billions of dollars in an effort to ensure compliance with sustainability initiatives.  With increasing pressure to identify more and more contributors to sustainability initiatives, companies will be well served to focus on the impact document output strategies can provide to their “green” objectives.

Virtualization and sustainability go hand in hand.

Virtualization of Output
  • Consolidate excess output devices
  • Eliminate personal devices (if culturally acceptable)
  • Bring user to output device ratios in line with industry
  • Retire aging devices, not cascade them to other departments
  • Reduce overall hardware costs down
  • Leverage multifunction capabilities
  • Reduce support costs
  • Drive energy consumption costs down
  • Establish a stronger and more reliable output infrastructure
  • Gain 30% savings in Total Cost of Ownership for output

Zojio has a keen understanding of how to transfer the virtualization and sustainability strategies you have experienced in your IT environment to your output environment.  With our breadth of understanding and knowledge, Zojio is positioned uniquely to help your company take a leadership role against these compelling priorities. Our comprehensive and integrated document output and document management strategies will enhance your virtualization and sustainability priorities.

Zojio will help define, design, and implement virtualization and sustainability solutions for your output environment which are seamless with increased productivity and efficiency for your knowledge workers.  In addition, our proven methodologies will assure you of dramatic cost savings of greater than 30% to your current state cost structures of output.