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Scan, store, retrieve, manage.....

Are you truly prepared for a disaster?
  • Not if you have hard copy documents in original form
  • Hard copy documents represent 25% of information necessary for business continuation..have you digitized yours??

Get Disaster ready...
  • Scan, store, backup your hard copy files
  • Get them off your desk and onto your desktop
  • Increase the security of your documents

Optimize document productivity...
  • Collaborate
  • Share easily
  • Retrieve easily
  • Project manage more efficiently

Operational excellence is achieved as knowledge workers are provided breakthrough process improvements to allow for increases in productivity to their day to day tasks. A very visible, but often ignored, opportunity for compelling improvements surrounds most knowledge workers daily... their hard copy and electronic documents.

Documents are the backbone of communication in organizations facilitating the ability to get work done effectively.  Whether in hard copy format or digital format, the information contained within these documents is essential to business continuation.   While IT spends billions of dollars annually to establish “unpenetrable” security measures to protect access to this information, millions of dollars are being wasted in weak, unsecure, unproductive document output and document management processes.

Disaster recovery is one of the top 5 priorities of CIO’s regardless of industry.  However, there is little focus on the documents which hold the majority of historical information in established companies……the hard copy document.  In a major disaster, most companies are vulnerable to the destruction of a large portion of their data and information which is still stored in hard copy form.

Zojio’s document management solutions focus on helping knowledge workers become more productive through efficient tools which allow easy integration of electronic and hard copy documents into an integrated and productive document management offering.  The scope of the solution will depend upon the size and needs of each organization.   The cost impact is compelling……..from time savings, to courier/postage costs, to a proactive approach to disaster recovery.

Zojio’s solutions are truly differentiated from enterprise level document management vendors and their cost prohibitive and resource draining offerings. Our expertise in helping you design an easy to integrate, scaleable solution will give you the confidence to take action today versus leaving yourself exposed with an uncontrolled, unsecure environment of vital assets…….your documents.

From basic offerings which allow for scanning, storing, sharing and searching of documents/information in a secure repository to full scale document management solutions which drive reduction in paper and waste, Zojio’s document management offerings will improve work processes and the accuracy of information exchanged.  The net result will be a dramatic increase to overall productivity of your knowledge workers and a more secure, streamlined and efficient document strategy which protects the vital information which is uncontrolled today .